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3D inline measuring technology from ZEISS

ZEISS Automated Inspection boasts decades of experience in optical 3D and 2D measuring technology, as well as in robot guidance. With several hundred robotic installations around the globe, our 3D in-line sensors are among the most widely used in car body construction. We plan and create entire in-line measuring systems in accordance with customer requirements. We achieve maximum flexibility through our broad technology and knowledge base.


ZEISS 3D sensors combine 2D contour measurement with a 3D measurement using the multiple line triangulation principle. This enables the highp recision, high-speed inspection of complex geometric characteristics (features) in metal working and in car body construction.

ZEISS AICell trace

The networked system comprises a 3D sensor, cameras and reference points. The highly precise AIMax cloud performs in-line measurements of features, such as bolts, holes and edges, in a fraction of a second. Markers on the sensor are used to monitor and calculate the position. This ensures that you have reliable and informative measurement and inspection data with the
desired level of precision beginning with the very first part.

Correlation and comparison measurements in the measuring lab are kept to a minimum.

Robot Guidance

Our 2D and 3D image processing systems support position and location recognition wherever processes demand high precision in part handling and machining, which cannot be achieved through reproducible part fixturing and feeding systems. To enable this, information is delivered to the robot controls, for example, to enable targeted removal, feeding and additional processing steps.

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