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A great smile can be a powerful asset. It can create opportunities and set you up for success – much like the minimally invasive Laser Vision Correction procedure SMILE. Especially when you consider that 1 million eyes have already been treated with small incision lenticule extraction, better known as SMILE. With over 1,300 practicing SMILE surgeons worldwide and FDA approval in the US, SMILE offers great prospects for success.

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A refractive surgery success story turns 10.

SMILE is a laser eye surgery success story that already looks back on 10 years. First performed on a human eye in 2007 by Walter Sekundo with a VisuMax® femtosecond laser from ZEISS, it became commercially available in 2011 with the launch of ReLEx® SMILE from ZEISS. Today over 1,300 surgeons worldwide in over 65 countries have already performed over 1 million SMILE treatments. As an FDA approved procedure, it offers clinics an additional Laser Vision Correction option with great prospects to enhance their services portfolio.

SMILE Milestone Timeline

Grow your practice

As can be observed in various surgical specialties, there is a growing trend toward minimally invasive procedures and applications. With small incision lenticule extraction, better known as SMILE, that trend has also become the standard for Laser Vision Correction. SMILE holds tremendous potential for significant practice growth. Thanks to ZEISS ReLEx SMILE, refractive procedures grew an average of more than 200% per ZEISS VisuMax laser in China. Also, SMILE and corneal inlays are expected to boost refractive volume by 8.3% in the US in 2017.


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What is SMILE?

Small incision lenticule extraction, better known as SMILE, is the first minimally invasive Laser Vision Correction procedure. During SMILE eye surgery, a lenticule is created inside the intact cornea using the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser and extracted through a small incision. The lenticule is removed, thereby achieving the desired vision correction. 


First SMILE Solution

Read up on all of the details of the first SMILE solution.




Discover the femtosecond laser system on which SMILE is performed.



from a bright option.

The benefits of SMILE surgery

SMILE offers a variety of clinical advantages, as studies have shown. The incidence of transient dry eye syndrome following surgery is lower. As a minimally invasive approach, it offers the potential for more biomechanical stability of the cornea. Also, wound healing has been shown to be faster. Patients describe the treatment experience as very gentle and are generally highly satisfied with the efficacy and results.

Download the infographic about the benefits of SMILE surgery and see the advantages for you and your patients!

“I operated on my own 18-year-old daughter with SMILE, so what more can I say?”

Dr. Petri Oksman
Medilaser Oy
Tampere, Finland

“Anyone not offering SMILE in the near future will simply not survive the highly competitive refractive markets.”

Dr. Sri Ganesh
Nethradhama Superspecialty Eye Hospital
Bangalore, India

“SMILE is the perfect solution for my demanding patients in the high price segment.”

Dr. Rainer Wiltfang
Smile Eyes Augenklinik am Airport
Munich, Germany

“Patients want quality of vision and a high level of safety. That’s why we choose SMILE. Small incision – great patient satisfaction.”

Dr. Joaquin Fernandez
Almeria, Spain

What surgeons from around the world are saying

A rapidly growing number of refractive surgeons around the world are already treating patients with SMILE. Renowned specialists share experiences they have made and information they have gathered thus far with the minimally invasive procedure.

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SMILE benefits at a glance

  • Minimally invasive
  • Does not require a flap
  • Performed on one laser
  • Gentle treatment experience
  • Fast wound healing following surgery

ReLEx SMILE Brochure

The first minimally invasive SMILE solution

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VisuMax from ZEISS

Defining the pulse rate in refractive surgery

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Broadening the vision of success

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