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Yetkili ZEISS Optik Mağazaları


How does colour vision work?

And what does this mean for people who wear sunglasses?
You aren't even thinking about it while it happens: our eyes perceive over 200 different shades of colour, differentiate completely between the most detailed nuances and recognise over 20 saturation and...

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Can the wrong pair of glasses or bad light damage your eyes?

We'll tell you what happens when your eyes have to work too hard
If your glasses are not optimally fitted, then there's no way you can benefit from your full visual potential. This can significantly impair your quality of life. Think about it: reading the menu in a...

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How many glasses do you need?

Don't be overwhelmed by all the options out there!
There are new kinds of lenses for spectacle wearers coming onto the market all the time: lenses for use with digital devices, lenses for working with computers, lenses for driving and self-tinting lenses...

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Better vision with a new pair of glasses.

What's important for tailor-made glasses? Knowing how a patient's eyes interact.
Dirk Siemsen is a qualified optician and owner of mahrt und hoerning in Göttingen (Germany). His new patient had been wearing glasses for more than 30 years. She had problems with her night and 3D...

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Perfect vision for all winter sports fans

ZEISS presents the new collection of ski and snowboard goggles
As any skier or snowboarder snows, ski goggles are a must for negotiating the piste. To meet this need ZEISS has developed a new collection of ski goggles featuring a light and super-flexible design, attractive...

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Do progressive lenses work for hunters?

Here's what your glasses can do for you when hunting.
"Progressive lenses and hunting? A contradiction in terms!" We've collected a few tips to show you that this is not a contradiction and how you can learn to love your hunting glasses.  

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Only your glasses can do that!

Contact lenses are a very good alternative to glasses – yet there are still a few vision solutions that are only possible with good ol' glasses.
Spectacle lenses and contact lenses are able to do more and more. By constantly becoming more precise and individualised, both of these vision solutions can now compensate even more effectively for visual...

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Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott – A Winning Team

They changed the world with their ideas
These men combined their expert knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and precision mechanics like no one before and laid the groundwork for numerous trailblazing inventions: Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe...

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Developing Spectacle Lenses for Driving

A look behind the scenes: how ZEISS developed DriveSafe
ZEISS has developed a new spectacle lens which is optimised for driving. And it’s not a special-purpose lens, but an everyday lens which is suitable for all-day use. It offers three key features which...

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Part 16: Did you know …

… that headache and eyestrain can be caused by improperly fitting glasses?
Achieving the best vision possible for your eyes involves more than just an accurate prescription. It’s also influenced by how your lenses are situated within your frames and how the spectacles are positioned...

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